Paracord Uses

Bracelets That Can Save Your Life

Talking about fashion with purpose, believe it or not, a little natty piece of jewelry might save your life. If you are stuck in the great outdoors busily preserving your life, a woven paracord bracelet might just be a life saver for you. Originally developed by firefighters, soldiers and outdoor backpackers for practical use, paracord bracelet is now a fashion statement by both outdoor aficionados and common urban “fashionistas”. 

Paracord Survival Bracelets

Paracord bracelet or commonly known as “survival bracelet”, has a very well crafted nylon cord like the cord used in parachutes. Measured 8 to 20 feet long, it is a must for adventure seekers for survival in the great wilderness.

Paracord Uses

This survival bracelet serves many purposes – not just for spicing up your looks but also comes handy when you try to save your life. Here are some uses of the paracord bracelets:

  1. Build a shelter. The paracord bracelet helps you create a makeshift shelter in the wild. When you get stranded in the wilderness, finding or creating a shelter is crucial for your safety. It will protect you from all the environmental elements like the rain, sun, wind, snow as well as wild animals. You gather wood branches and lash them together using the inner strands of your paracord bracelet.
  2. Build trap for your food supply. When you are lost in the wilderness, food supplies are scarce. Building a snare to trap your food like wild deer, rabbits or any small games could save your life. You can use the inner strands of the paracord bracelet to do that. You just need to create a contraption, fishing net or a gill net to catch non-picky eating fish in the water. You can even use your survival bracelet to create a makeshift bow and arrow for a small hunting game.
  3. Start a fire. By using the paracord bracelet to spin a bow drill, it will create friction, heat then fire. It is much easier and faster than rubbing two stones or tree branches to create a fire for warmth and for cooking your food.
  4. Serve as an improvised tourniquet, sling or splint. Accidents are sometimes unavoidable whether in the wild, in the city or even in your home. In any case, you can quickly use your paracord bracelet as a tourniquet to stop you from bleeding heavily if you are severely injured. Or use it as a sling or splint to immobilize your arm for injured limbs or fingers.
  5. Make some trail. To avoid going around in circle when you are lost in the wilderness, leaving a mark on your trail might help. Tie your survival bracelet on easily visible areas like a tree trunk, to mark your path. Who knows, that might even lead rescue team to find you easily.
  6. Quick repair. If you happen to have a tear on your backpack, you can use the thin thread in your survival bracelet to patch it up. Sometimes, you can use it as a makeshift belt or suspender for your pants and even a substitute for your shoelaces.
  7. Dental Floss. Yes, even your teeth need to survive in the outdoors as well. Using the thin inner layer of your paracord bracelet, you can floss your teeth in the wild to keep them shinny, healthy and free of those meat chunks that you just devoured.

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