Nature-Loving Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Gifts that are homemade are wonderfully loving and surprisingly easy to make (and easy on the wallet). They’re always well received. Gifts that have a good purpose, such as benefitting nature in some way are always welcome and can be fun and interesting additions to a household. They make great learning tools and can open a whole new world to some. With simple tools and materials, you have a lot of options. Here are our favorite nature-loving homemade Christmas gift ideas that are easy and won’t break your bank.

Native bee houses are becoming fixture in gardens. Honey bees have become essential additions to our agricultural system throughout much of human civilization. Lately, with attention paid to problems with colony collapses, native bees have come to the forefront as important pollinators for not only crops, but for the health of native plant and animal communities as well. Giving native bees a place to overwinter in a bee house is a great way you can help encourage native bee survival. And they’re super easy to make. You can make them small and simple. Have children help even paint them! Include a pamphlet of information on where to set their bee house up and why it’s important.

Make butterfly houses! Butterfly houses are important for overwintering butterfly caterpillars, chrysalises that are in diapause, and even butterflies themselves. Many butterfly species don’t migrate like monarchs do. Like a bee house, you can paint a butterfly house beautifully, and they’d make a great gift. Include a pamphlet of information with your butterfly house in your gift.

Seed Bombs are simple and fun gifts that can open a world of gardening to a child (or adult) in a simple and fun way. Use an easy to grow wildflower mix, or use some zinnias or marigolds alone for almost guaranteed success. Package them up in a pretty way, and include growing instructions. A great gift!

Bird feeders are always welcome gifts for just about anyone. Here’s a list of really easy to make, yet very attractive and well-made ideas for bird feeders. Feeders that are fashioned like a wide platform are always heavily visited by all types of birds and make a great all-purpose feeding station. They can be hung from trees, hooks, balcony roofs, or any structure easily.

Bird baths can be easily bought from the store, but not everyone thinks of picking one up on purpose. Yet, they’re very welcome additions to the garden and landscape and can be easily made with simple materials. You can even purchase solar-powered heater units to keep them frost free in the winter. Here’s a great list of ideas to get you started

Bat houses encourage bats to stick around an area, which is actually a really good thing. They eat bugs by the pound every night, such as mosquitoes, spiders, and other nuisances. Many bats pollinate plants that open only at night. They’re essential parts of healthy ecosystems around the world. And some species of bat are downright adorable. Make a bat house and give as a gift to spread the bat love!

These gifts are fun, affordable, and simple to make. They also have a great purpose. We hope you enjoy these ideas, and have a great holiday!

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